Hope Lutheran - Parking Privileges
yes, we do have a "Parking Relationship" with some students.
Parking Privileges are full for the Spring 2017 Semester
1. Download the form to the right.
2. Complete and mail it to Hope
3. Include the donation or list the volunteer co-op role you are applying for.
4. Spaces are limited.

Parking Privileges are filled for 2017 Spring Semester
Cleaning Church(Emily F) (Emily N)
Sunday School Teacher (Elaina) (Lexi)  
Audi-Visual Tech for Worship: (Jennifer M)  (Kat K) (Bobby) (Kerstan) 
Food Pantry UConn Coordinator:  Heather 
Snow Shoveling/Yard Work:  
Office:  Julie
Also, the Band of Hope is always looking for musicians!