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About Stewardship: 

"Stewardship" is just handling your life with a worldview of trying to live God-centered. 

What does that mean?
 Stewardship involves seeing your time, treasures, talents, skills, schedules, and life plans as all connected with your relationship with God.  A "steward" is a manager of affairs. 
Christian stewardship is just the managing of your lifeIs it God's stuff?   Do I trust God?  Is my love of God reflected in how I handle my schedule and life plans?
How does this connect to "CHURCH"?  
God's church is made up of people with a variety of skills, resources, and schedules.  God calls them all to function together and to combine these treasures, talents, and time in living as His Church.
Generosity is an awesome God-centered trait that is exciting to explore and have in our lives. 
Hope (a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) is funded, managed, and maintained totally by the local members of HopeMembers combine their resources through "offerings",  and volunteer their time to make Hope function as a place of worship, a church home and a Christian outreach station.